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  • Professional trade show for heater

    Professional trade show for heater

    Guangzhou International Electric Heating Technology & Equipment Exhibition is a 3 day event being held from 16th August to 18th August 2019 at the China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou, China. The most famous and influential electric heating exhibition in Asia, is attract...
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  • How to set digital temperature controller?

    1. Setting of lower limit deviation alarm: press SET key to select “SLP” and the green screen will display the value of this parameter. Select shift, increase, decrease key to SET or modify this parameter. This parameter represents the value difference when the alarm point lower than ...
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  • What are rated voltage, rated power and rated current?

    Many people have heard of rated voltage, rated power, and rated current.What do those three words mean? From the word “rating”, we can learn this is a standard. Rated voltage: The rated voltage of the product will be marked on the nameplate on all electrical equipment or materials. In...
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  • Types of temperature Control Instrument and what’s their features?

    Types of temperature control instrument: 1.       Two switches ON/OFF action As the picture shows on the left, when the actual temperature is lower than the set value, the heater is energized. When the actual temperature is higher than the set value, the heater is not energized. The way to mainta...
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  • 2019 Sixth Shanghai International Thermal Instrument and Temperature Control Equipment and Application Technology Exhibition (Thermal Expo)

    The 2019 Sixth Shanghai International Thermal Instrument and Temperature Control Equipment and Application Technology Exhibition (Thermal Expo) will be held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center () from May 15th,2019 to May 17th ,2019. “One Belt And One Road” const...
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  • What is Contactor? And where to use?

    Contactor is a kind of automatic control device used to switch on or off the main AC and DC circuits and control circuits. Load current of ac contactor is very big, its internal coil to control its action or not, and the control coil is operated by relay connected to it. It tripped after a thunde...
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  • How To Use Contactor?

    Contactor as a low voltage switchgear in the automatic control of low voltage electrical appliances, after put into use to carry out appropriate maintenance. The service life and reliability of contactor depend not only on the technical performance of the product itself, but also on whether the p...
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  • Notification for Holiday of International Labor Day 2019

    Dear customers and partners, May 1 international labor day is coming.  Taiquan Electric wish new and old customers and partners happy holidays. Labor to create great, struggle cast brilliant;Thank you for your trust and support as always. On the road of Industrial Automation , we will continue to...
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  • Benefits of temperature controllers in the low-carbon era

    It is reported that before 2007, China’s temperature controller and sensor industry has maintained an annual growth rate of 20% ~ 30%. In order to achieve a low-carbon economy, large-scale development of thermal power has come to an end, but the maintenance, upgrading and reconstruction of ...
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  • Voorzorgsmaatregelen voor het selecteren en installeren van temperatuurregelaar

    I. winkelwagentje temperatuurdetector Momenteel is de industriële gemeenschappelijke temperatuurregelaar voornamelijk bimetaal thermometer, thermokoppel, thermische weerstand en straling thermometer.There zijn vele soorten temperatuurregelaars. Bij het selecteren van temperatuur instrumenten voor het testen, we sho ...
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  • Wat is een thermokoppel sensor?

    Thermokoppel sensor een gemeenschappelijk temperatuurmeetelement temperatuur meetinstrumenten. Meet rechtstreeks de temperatuur en zet het temperatuursignaal in thermo-elektromotorische kracht signaal, dat in de temperatuur van het medium gemeten wordt door elektrische ...
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  • Wat is een solid state relais gebruikt voor

    Gewijd solid state relais kortsluitbeveiliging, overbelastingsbeveiliging en oververhitting beschermingsfuncties, en de combinatie van logische uitharding pakket kan bereiken van de gebruikersbehoeften van de intelligente module direct in het besturingssysteem. Solid state relais is op grote schaal gebruikt in c ...
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